What’s sleep?




Other goodies:


Candy Doll @ Epiphany << Landmarks here

  • _CandyDoll_ RARE – Dolly Room
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Butterfly Frame
  • _CandyDoll_ Doll PC
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Dressed
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Desk
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Round Flowers Rug
  • _CandyDoll_ RARE – Dolly Queen Bed
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Heart Rose Rug
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Suitcase
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Mannequin Flowers
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Lamp
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Floor Pillow
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Wall Frame
  • _CandyDoll_ Dolly Round Rose Rug

Random.Matter << Landmark here

  • .random.Matter. – Magical Girl – Spellbook [Pink]
  • .random.Matter. – Magical Girl – Coffee
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Kitty Mirror [White]

Half Deer:

  • +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua – Chasing Kites RARE
  • +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines – Dusk – Climb Big

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