Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.


I seen this gacha set by Random.Matter called Pretty girl & I had the pig by Half Deer I just had to do something cute I hope you enjoy what I have came up with.

.random.Matter. – Pretty Girl “Gacha”

Click this link here ^ to head to the main store.


  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Blush
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Brush Case [Pink]
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Foundation
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Glitter
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Hair Brush
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Kitty Mirror [White]
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Lashes
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Lipstick
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Makeup Bag
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Makeup Pallets
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Mascara
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Nail Polish [White]
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Perfume
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Vanity [White] – RARE
  • .random.Matter. – Pretty Girl – Wall Mirror [White]

There is also a stool with this set that is just so pretty you can get these rare items the Vanity and the Stool in White or Pink .

Other goodies:

These items are gacha’s as well

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