Peace of mind


Sooo Most everything in this photo is made by a wonderful designer that has a store called THOR I love is vintage feel on all he does It makes me smile So let me just get right on to listing what is all here

First off what is in the Man Cave Event…

..::THOR::.. Smell Like “The Dude” Spirit – Mancave Event .. This is a gacha

  • ..::THOR::.. Bowling Ball
  • ..::THOR::.. Bowling Pins [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. Dirty Piano Shelf [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 1
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 2
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 3
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 4
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 5
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 6
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 7
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 8
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 9
  • ..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 10
  • ..::THOR::.. Dudes Rug [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. Empty Beer
  • ..::THOR::.. Guitar Wallart [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. Old Tank Lamp [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. Raw Coffee Table [C] “Rare”
  • ..::THOR::.. Standing Ashtray [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. The Dart Game [C] “Ultra Rare”
  • ..::THOR::.. The Dude Sofa [C] “Rare”
  • ..::THOR::.. White Russian DIY Tap [C]
  • ..::THOR::.. Wood Beer Box [C]

Now to list the other items from THOR

  • ..::THOR::.. Scales Weights
  • ..::THOR::.. Vintage Telephone with sound
  • ..::THOR::.. Vintage Ride On Toy
  • ..::THOR::.. Encyclopedia
  • ..::THOR::.. Hunting Knife With Polaroid (draggable)
  • ..::THOR::.. Revolver Pen Holder
  • ..::THOR::.. Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke)

Other Items Used..

  • [ kunst ] – Industrial liqueur dispenser
  • Trompe Loeil – Industrial Chandelier Short
  • Soy. Messy Beer Cans
  • Apple Fall Card Catalog (White)
  • junk. potted tree.

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